7 Steps to Spring Into Action and Avoid the Weeds

Does chaos strangle you like weeds?

Are you able to imagine the outcome or do you get caught in a fog?

Want some steps to build momentum and blossom?

Spring has sprung and this is a time of growth for many in business. As the first quarter closes I reflect, review my plan, adjust so I can continue to grow personally and professionally.

My first quarter was a little bit like the weather, some weeks were like a storm, whirlwind producing more than expected, then others felt dry and dismal. I’m a person who sets intentions and I know trust and patience are two traits good to have in order to stay focused.

A good example of that was looking for a new car, as one of ours was ready to retire. Two cars are a necessity for our business to thrive so we did our research and made a connection with someone who was reliable to get us a deal. The only thing was we had to wait as they looked for what we wanted at the right price. We trusted the process, hoped our one car would last and were patient. 4 weeks had gone by and we wondered how much longer and then, last week after a yoga class, I went to start the car and it wouldn’t start. I went to call for help and saw an email from our contact that he’d found the car – YES! The timing was perfect and all has fallen into place. Life delivers the unexpected at times and what you want when you need it. When you have a vision, put a plan in place and take the right steps it can produce the growth and results you are looking for.

So, if you want to follow these 7 Steps for Growth here they are:

Step #1 Know your vision of the future
Ask yourself key questions to determine your vision. What do you want in your career and life? Why is that vision important to you and what will you receive when you get it? Think about what you will see and feel, and then believe it’s possible.

Step #2 Have a visual that represents it
The language of the mind that produces the actions understands a visual, pictures versus the words that you speak. Create a visual image of your vision, what you want, feel and see. Vision boards work well that create a collage of your desires or maybe it’s just one picture that is posted where you can see. It’s a focal point that reminds you where you are, want to have, be or go.

Step #3 Plan what strategies and action steps are necessary
Once you know your vision then start thinking of the steps, actions and tasks that are necessary to get your there. Also, think of the resources and people you need to connect to.

Step #4 Write them down
Take a pen and paper and write it all down. Written plans reduce mistakes and help lock into your mind what needs to be done. Develop specific, measurable goals that you can action.

Step #5 Execute
Make weekly plans to break it down and then take action. Schedule a weekly planning session to review your progress. Implement a morning ritual where you will review your plan and prioritize your day.

Step #6 Have accountability meetings
Find an accountability partner or hire a coach and set weekly accountability meetings to review results and activities for the week to come.

Step #7 Track your results
The part of our mind that delivers results needs to see a visual that tracks results. When you create a visual i.e. graph or diagram that shows desired results and actual, it motivates you to obtain them. When the mind sees a gap, it encourages you to take action to close it.

Make this spring one the produces you the growth and desires you want. Enjoy and check out my programs here.


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