Success Stories

“When my skaters started working with Corey I wanted them to learn the importance of their mental state at a competition. My skaters have had significant improvement at competition…they have a new confidence, increased mental toughness and focus as a direct result of their work with Corey.  At the level they are competing, they need to be both physically and mentally prepared.  I’ve had my skaters work with sport psychologists in the past, but they did not feel a connection nor get the results they really need at this level.  Corey makes the skaters feel comfortable and they trust her deeply.  Her techniques get results.”

Certified Level 4 Figure Skating Coach ~ Rachel Davis

Before working with Corey McCusker, I was feeling stuck in my personal, business and fitness goals. Not only did it feel like I wasn’t moving ahead but it felt like I had to move a mountain to get back on track. Everything felt hard and difficult! Once I hired Corey as my coach, my life changed. My mindset shifted and I became highly motivated. I quit smoking, I’m back at the gym working out regularly and I am on a healthy eating program. I recommitted myself to school. I no longer feel stuck in my life and feel excited again to be moving forward, accomplishing my goals. I am now able to approach life feeling in control versus feeling like the victim.

For anyone serious about making a change and willing to dig deep and do the work, I highly recommend Corey. Corey is patient, easy to open up to and she knows when to push you. Corey gets you to see things from different perspectives and provides you with lots of tools and guidance to give you direction and clarity. You’ll learn a lot about yourself along the way, while having Coach Corey in your corner.

Natalie Bastien

“When I came to Corey I was at a crossroads, unsure of my life direction but knowing I needed a big change. Corey’s coaching sessions and her workshops along with my drive to set a new life path for myself has made a big difference in my life. I’ve gotten straight A’s in my college program. I’m being nominated for an award by the Program Co-ordinator. I know the importance of setting goals, how to plant them in my mind plus create a clear path to follow and succeed. What I set out to do, I now see come to life!  Thank you so much Corey!”

Sandy Giutsos

“Corey delivered 2 empowering, interactive workshops that engaged the grade 7 Girls Group. Having known Corey for years I trusted her ability to build rapport and coach teens, and knew the girls would connect with her. Corey’s workshops reinforce a growth mind set and the students now have a better understanding of how their mind works plus new tools to help supercharge their goals and accelerate learning. We’ve run other programs to educate and build self-esteem but we wanted to have a fresh, new perspective and Corey delivered just that. The students have a more positive outlook on their futures, new techniques they can apply in all areas of their life and their confidence was boosted.”

Michelle Jackson, Principal, St. Roch Catholic School