Corey with pictureCorey McCusker is a Mental Performance Coach who knows how to get enhance performance and empower and inspire professionals and young athletes to take action.

Master The Mind, Master The Game
Mental Performance Enhancement Workshop
Learn the insider secrets to mastering your mind so you can master your game. Learn the 8 mental performance components necessary to achieve peak performance. Learn how to eliminate pressure and conflicting thoughts. Increase your confidence, improve your focus and be in the zone every time you play. Assess where you are at currently in your game and identify the gaps to be closed and techniques to enhance performance.

“Corey’s presentation was insightful, clear and entertaining. She combined scientific information with practical application that is critical for all golf instructors to understand.
Corey was very engaging with the attendees. The information has inspired me to continue my education on this topic.” – Gwen Checho, LPGA T&CP Education Manager

Communicate & Connect in 90 Seconds or Less!
Instantly build Rapport
Learn how people perceive communication, understand their preferences and walk away with simple techniques that you can use to connect instantly with others! You will learn how to identify communication preferences in yourself and others. Increase your personal magnetism, charisma and build rapport instantly. You will learn how you can use your body, voice and words to enhance your communication. These techniques can be applied in person, over the phone or in email communications. You can improve relationships by using what is taught in this workshop!

Train Your Brain
Boost Memory and Performance!
Do you forget things at times? Do you lack focus? Want to learn more about your mind and memory? This workshop answers how you can prevent memory loss and maintain brain function as you age. In this competitive and fast paced world even young people and teens want to optimize their focus and enhance their memory for work, school and sports.This workshop is a unique opportunity to explore both the mental performance aspects of maximizing your memory. Corey will share practical techniques such as mind exercises, puzzles and teasers to train your brain and to optimize memory. Learn about how perception impacts outcomes. How the mind and brain work. How you can keep stress in check. You’ll leave with tips and techniques to enhance your memory and stay mentally sharp.

Put Your Mind To It!
How Imagery Supercharges Performance
Learn about imagery and how it can improve your results. Learn about mental rehearsals and how they impact your performance and help you achieve your goals. Understand the mind and how you can access it. Learn the different mental skills that athletes need to master. Review visualizations techniques that you can do prior to, during or after your competition that help you relax, focus and enjoy each your performance.

Achieving Peak Performance!
Removing Roadblocks and Obstacles
Learn the driving force behind getting to results and understand the links between results, behaviours, potential and beliefs. Identify the limiting and empowering beliefs to peak performance and the ways to get desired results. Learn about a technique that releases negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

Get into the Zone!
Learn How to Achieve Laser-Focus to Succeed
Learn how relaxation facilitates learning and improves performance. Learn techniques to help relax when under pressure. Experience a relaxation session. Learn how to eliminate distractions and gain control and focus. Learn how athletes get into the zone.

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