Managing Holiday Stress

Managing Through the Holiday Chaos

Holiday stress can bring many joys and celebrations. It can also bring headaches and heartache. Some embrace it and welcome the hectic pace; parties and gift-giving, while others may hibernate and avoid it.

I have found that people want to get back to the holiday celebrations and get together but some still cautious or find it unfamiliar since COVID-19 pandemic. I know for me last year the holidays came to a halt as we were sick with COVID.

Learning to enjoy this time may not always be easy due to the demands of time, the restrictions of money, or a feeling of loneliness because you are unable to be with family.

Each person experiences this time differently; some laugh and love, while others yell or cry.‚Äč

For those feeling stressed during this busy time, I’d like to share some tips and advice so that you can put stress to the test and deal with it. I use stress almost like an antibody and instead of letting it stop me in my tracks, I look at it as an energizer and develop a plan to conquer it.

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