Corey McCusker is a Mental Performance Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author who coaches accomplished professionals and elite young athletes to break through stress and overcome setbacks in order to reach peak performance. Her unique and effective approach helps her clients get past the mental roadblocks that limit their results and take control of their success. Her clients gain the clarity, confidence, energy, and performance edge they need to go for their big dreams without the stress, struggle and overwhelm that can grip top performers. Corey is certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Empowerment Techniques ™, and Hypnosis. Corey is also trained in Brain Gym. Her programs Breakthrough Your Boundaries and Master The Mind, Master the Game have helped hundreds of high achievers reach peak performance and live their desired lives.

Corey’s experience of working 22 years in the Corporate world mentoring large teams and executives plus her athletic commitment to hockey, golf and equestrian riding gives her the performance experience and edge to coach high achievers to success.

Did you know these 3 things about Corey?

  • Corey has a passion for pets and founded Muttz with Mannerz”, a dog obedience school. Corey dedicates her free time to training owners and their dogs. She also, started the first in Canada, “Kids and K9camp.
  • Corey is a proud supporter of Coaches Association of Ontario and the Expert Express program
  • Corey has beaten cancer twice and is an advocate of healthy body, health mind.