3 Outcomes of Broken Relationships & How to Fix Them

Has your team or relationship fallen apart?

Do you feel frustrated, miserable and just want to leave?

When you first enter into a relationship or join a team your excitement can be high – things all are going great and life is good. Then comes a time when your relationship or team can break down, leaving you drained and confused. The impact not only affects you, but those that are involved too. Let’s look at what can happen when this occurs.

Here are 3 outcomes when a relationship breaks down:

  1. Zero Trust and Commitment
    When there is a breakdown one thing that can occur, is trust goes out the door and the guard goes up. Instead of giving you become defensive and resist input and energy. Without input and energy from team members it makes it easy to then have no commitment.
  2. Fear of rejection or conflict
    Fear creeps it’s ugly head when a relationship breaks down as you may feel like you are being rejected, not good enough and you may avoid conflict due to that. Bringing things up that are bothering you may create a fight and have a poor outcome, so you avoid it.
  3. Lack of focus on results
    If there is zero trust, no commitment and fear present it’s unlikely you’ll be willing to invest time or energy. The blame game may occur and you may not want to take accountability. That combination takes the focus away from the results or the outcome. Instead what gets focused on is your individual misery. When you focus on just yourself and your desires you may forget the big picture.

So how do you repair the relationship?

First, determine if you want to fix it. If YES, then revisit what you want and why you entered this relationship? Make a list and prioritize it.

Then follow these 3 steps:

  1. Recognize your role in the relationships and the other person’s or team’s role. Determine what the strengths and weaknesses are of each member. Share experiences and expertise, plus admit mistakes as these are all learning opportunities.
  2. Be open and ask opinions of one another. Yes, there may be disagreements but understand that conflict can be healthy as it brings things to light. This can be productive as it may provide solutions.
  3. Set goals for the relationship or team and then measure them. Make sure you put the relationship/team goals first. Know what your responsibilities are and be clear on the results. Make sure you recognize progress and appreciate one another for the effort.

Empowering, successful relationships take communication, discipline and sometimes you must be vulnerable and recognize your weakness. The coming together of great relationships is a journey with bumps along the way and can be so worth it if you grow, develop and blossom together!

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