3 Traits you may share with Athletes to excel

As a coach of over achievers both in the business world and the sport’s world I know their challenges and desires. My experience has shown me that they run parallel and their goals the same, they want to be the best.

I recall working with a young golfer whose goal was to make Team Canada.  They already had dedicated many years from a very young age to develop their skills, both physical and technical, but the one piece that was missing was a formal systematic mental training program.This athlete had minor injuries, fatigue from the excessive travel and tournaments, plus pressure from parents with high expectations, and got rattled when things went bad during play. They were looking for the secret ingredient that would give them the performance edge to deal with it all and stay on track to make the BIG GOAL.

They found it with my program and implemented the many techniques to gain laser focus, confidence, relaxation during play and outstanding shots . It became part of the overall training and added a layer that helped them achieve the goal. They did make Team Canada. They are still on their journey and the next goal is to go Professional. I’m proud to have been a part of  process. They recently won their first Pro tournament as an Amateur so they are on the right path. I know the combined effort of ALL skills, plus the dedication, will deliver that result soon!

The mental game isn’t tangible, but so visible when watching one perform. These skills taught are not like what you learn at the gym or school. Though once learned and implemented you enjoy the process more, the results are so much greater, and you feel more fulfilled. So, what do you care if you aren’t an athlete?

In Business, you have the same challenges, don’t you? Fatigue, pressure, injuries, recovery from mistakes or lost deals, managing people, acquiring clients, juggling many things, plus high expectations all come your way during your career at some point, don’t they? How do you manage and stay focused?  I’m sure you have amazing business and technical skills but what about the MENTAL, is it there? Do you handle it all with ease?  How can you tell?

Look at your results and how you feel each day – that will tell you.  Feeling pumped and driven with results that reflect that – AWESOME. Maybe you feel in a slump and dragging your feet – you may need to develop some traits to accelerate performance.

Athletes have certain traits that help them rise to the top and I believe top business leaders share them. Here are 3 I believe are necessary to produce growth in self and business:

3 Traits Athletes have to Excel

  • Independence
    They know what to do, when to do it and deliver it. Yes, they still need guidance but they are not dependent on others to perform.
  • Eager to learn
    They are always looking for new techniques or skills to help them improve their skills.
  • Consistency of Focus
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​They zero in on what they want, eliminate distractions and overcome roadblocks in their way to obtain desired results.

Wondering as a business leader if you had to say what type of athlete you are, what would you say?

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