Is Fear Your Motivator?

Do you lack motivation?

Dragging your feet to get something done? 

Need a boost or nudge to tackle the task?

At times, you may feel like you feel intimidated or just lack motivated to do things you like to do or need to do. Motivation is the WHY that drives you to do the things you do and to avoid the things you avoid every day. It’s the reason you work or play and it influences every relationship we have. Big picture you may be motivated by fun, love, money, power or fame. In your day-to-day life, your personal motivation strongly determines how you perform at your job and how well you perform.

It’s like the fuel that gets your engine going!What motivates you might seem like the most personal thing in the world-and it is-but it fits into one of three broad categories that apply to all of us.

The basic motivational theory divides motivators into three segments:

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary

Why do we distinguish them? Because different flavors of motivation are best handled different ways and they all work with different degrees of efficiency. Like I said motivation is the fuel that makes your engine work. regular gas can get the job done but the engine probably works better on premium fuel. Let’s look at the three kinds quickly.

Primary Motivation

Fear is the founder of all motivators. It’s hardwired into our brains in the form of survival instinct. You mind and body has been conditioned through thousands of years of evolution to make snap judgements about your environment. Am I safe? Is something important to me being threatened. It’s your fight or flight instinct. Think of the primary motivators as your basic human responses-hunger, thirst, pain avoidance, fear, aggression.

Secondary Motivation

Once you get beyond the basic human drives you get to secondary or more LEARNED motivations. An easy way to think about this is to think about the way parents reward and punish your behaviour as a child. Based on a parent’s reaction, a child learns what is acceptable or not. Most civilized life is based on secondary motivation.

For years’ scientist believed the first two levels of motivation accounted for the complete human conditions. But it’s not always that simple.

There are also internal and external motivators that you have like that are intangible motivators. Internal feelings of satisfaction, appreciation can motivate you or external ones like your pay cheque for a job well done.

Tertiary Motivation

Tertiary motivation is the premium gas that often produces the highest level of performance. When you love what you do whether it’s a job or hobby you don’t need the nudge to do it and you don’t find it to be a struggle. It’s the pure joy and love of the game of business, life or sports.

So, tertiary motivation is the premium one most are searching for. But the problem is for all of you in any line of work is that even when you have a lot of it, it can flag and burn out. Life is hectic and it can burn anyone out from time to time.

So, you have to take the test and determine where you are on the motivation scale…are you operating at a high level of motivation and you have the premium gas or just regular and doing the job?

When you lack motivation, there are many things that could be impacting you such as burnout, illness or you’ve lost your focus and passion.

Do you want to find out how to gain it back or what’s causing it?

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