“The Big Five” Lessons Learned

I’m living my dream and have created great roles that satisfy not only my life but others. Most of you know me as a mental performance coach. This I love but one of my other roles is a tour lead for Women’s Travel Network. Last month I had the pleasure of being on an expedition with amazing women as we safaried in Africa. Their dream and mine were achieved. During that trip, I was reminded of 5 lessons that impact life which included the importance of mental mastery.

When you escape to other destinations it allows you to gain perspective, focus on other activities and come back refreshed which helps you excel in life. Here are some key lessons, “The Big Five”  which aren’t about the animals but about what’s necessary to succeed.


1. The Fittest Survive 
Those strong survive and the weak are at risk. In the wild, you’ll witness young and ill animals as targets for those to prey upon. Unfortunately, it’s humans that prey upon some of the animals. The National Game Reserve aims to protect the animals now from human predators. Humans can also prey on their own if they see signs of weakness. Are you protecting yourself? Are there people that prey on your weaknesses hoping for your downfall? Focus on building your skills, knowing your competition, improving your health and environment to shape strong and sustainable performance.


2. Camouflage has a Purpose 
In the wilderness, you’ll spend hours searching for animals in their natural environments. Some may be right in front of you but you can’t see them due to their camouflage. It’s there to protect them from prey. Don’t people do the same? What camouflage do you wear that you hide behind? Is it your makeup, clothes, people or maybe your personality? Are their traits or skills you lack that you feel need to be concealed? Does your camouflage give you a sense of security, acceptance, confidence or certain image you want to portray? If you wear a camouflage – what’s the purpose for it?


3. The Cycle of Life is What You Make it
The cycle of life is simply – birth, life, and death. Those are a given, you’re born, you live, and then you die.  Being in Africa I saw the beauty of nature but also the survival of the inhabitants. No matter where you live in the world a cycle of life occurs. You can impact your cycle by the choices you make. Those choices consist of the environments you live in, the people you surround yourself with, the skills you develop and the actions you take. Your life is yours to create. It may not always be easy to make choices and sometimes it’s necessary to take a risk. Courage, guidance, and support are key ingredients to overcome the challenges to accomplish what you want.


4. Prepare for the Journey
The journey can be long and is not always easy. Some things you can prepare for and others you can’t. Throughout your journey you need to prepare for the time it takes, weather, environment, terrain and this is the case with business and life. Preparation is key to excel. Having a plan and staying focused is a skill necessary to get to your goal. Developing mental mastery is a skill required to endure all that comes your way plus it provides the ability to be resilient and execute during turbulent times.


5. Peace and Gratitude 
Africa is a “bucket list” trip for many and I was grateful to live the dream and assist others to experience theirs.  Observing the African people with their struggles and how they survive gave me a greater appreciation of my own life. Often you think that your struggles are so big. When you look around you, you may find others feeling the same or experiencing even greater difficulties. There is in most a commitment to survive.  Gratitude is something all can experience even in dark or challenging times. Some live in peace and harmony while others battle it out but even those with challenges can see the spark and feel the blessings that they have. Peace is a goal for most and gratitude helps bring that to fruition. Each day starts with a reflection of what you are grateful for in your life, be it a person, place or thing. Recognize the simple pleasures in your life as it can be taken for granted and not valued.


If you struggle with goal setting, achieving your dreams or just dealing with daily life and want to develop mental mastery so you can excel sign up today for a Wrap Up & Reset for 2018” or a complimentary consultation to get some insight.


Master the Mind, Master the Game of Life.


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