7 Tips To Achieve Peak Performance Through Holiday Time

How do you manage it all when you are being pulled in so many directions, year-end plans, activities, various commitments, travel time, etc?  Staying at the top of your game is a skill and here are 7 tips that can keep you on the path of peak performance…

    1. Have a Clear Vision and Strategic Plan
      When you know you are about to enter chaotic, busy times it’s key to be clear and have a plan in place to manage the flow.  Review where you are at, what needs to be done when, then develop your plan.  Map it out, and if there are gaps strategize on how to close them.
    2. Manage Your Energy
      Busy times that include work and holiday parties can drain your energy.  Complete an energy audit on yourself. How is your body feeling, are your emotions in check, your mind alert and feeling good overall?  If not, recharge and renew by taking time to rest. It may be for a few moments like a short walk or even a quick smile or laugh to release some tension. Nutrition, exercise, sleep and rest all play an important role, plus the ability to manage your emotions. Hydrate and fuel your body with healthy food when you can as you know there will be lots of treats you’ll be tempted by. Fit in exercise as that leaves you feeling energized.
    3. Know Your Capacity
      Your plan should be manageable and allot for downtime.  With holiday festivities added into your busy schedule, you may find yourself reaching your limits and want to explode.  Set boundaries for yourself and be comfortable with saying “no” if feeling stretched or tempted to give in to energy drainers. Buy some time by taking a deep abdominal breath. Exhaling slowly for five or six seconds induces relaxation and recovery, and turns off the fight-or-flight response. Engage and ask for help from others when capacity has been reached. Use the talents and expertise of those around you to assist you with delivering the results.
    4. Mentally Rehearse
      Start your morning by taking a few moments to imagine your perfect performance throughout your day.  Imagine yourself flowing through your day with ease. Just imagine challenges overcome, tasks completed on time, things falling into place as they should, help when you need it, opportunities presenting themselves, unexpected fun and feeling energized. By mentally preparing yourself it sets you up for success. Those that start the day frazzled have already depleted valuable energy, and performance pitfalls may occur.
    5. Stay Focused
      Now the goal is to stay focused and deliver results.  When you are feeling that you are getting off track – develop a concentration word such as “focus” or “relax and reset” to stop the mental chatter and chaos. Avoid multi-tasking and focus on one thing at a time to execute with excellence.
    6. Be Accountable and Execute
      Take action and be accountable for your desired outcome. Have a daily plan and tackle the tasks that are going to produce the results.
    7. Celebrate Wins
      Measure your results as you deliver on your plan. Always take time to celebrate and reward yourself.  Recognize your wins, big and small, and treat yourself to something that makes you feel good. Share your successes with others especially those that support you.
Getting through the holidays and feeling good about the results you achieved takes planning and strategies – plus laser focus and concentration. Remember to celebrate, and the end of the year is a perfect time to do so!

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