5 Tips to Soar & Survive the Sizzle!

What will be taking up your time this summer?

Vacations, golf leagues, kids camps plus a demanding work schedule? You may be overwhelmed just thinking of it all before summer begins. Are you wondering how you will survive the summer sizzle and avoid burnout or a slump OR are you excited counting the days until the bell rings and vacations start?

If you are going to focus on work you may want to develop a plan for the summer months that will minimize disruption and maximize opportunities during the hot season.

With a bit of forward planning, you can make your summer sizzle with great results.

Here are my 5 tips to help you soar through summer.

1.  Review, revisit and rejuvenate goals
The year is more than half over so review your goals, business plans, performance, and results to date. What has been working and what do you need to change? Make a plan of action to ensure you are on the journey to success. Celebrate your successes so far!!

2.  Build stronger bonds with people
The summer is great to take time to connect with your clients or colleagues whether that be at outdoor events or online.  Find out more about them to strengthen bonds. Send out a survey, host a bbq, participate in a golf tournament, attend a summer speed event or hold a customer appreciation event. They are always lots of opportunities for you to build on the relationships that count.

3.  Work summer hours
School ends soon so any of you that have the kids at home will be looking for things to do for them or with them and that can disrupt your working schedule. Sign them up for camp, plan play dates with their friends or family, or maybe you adventure out to another location like a coffee shop, library, or office space to work. Family demands may increase so be more flexible with your time and schedule some downtime so you can enjoy the sunshine and family too.

4.  Take a vacation
Plan a getaway whether it is for a day or more. Please allow yourself some fun time. Getting away from work can help recharge your battery and keep you energized.

5.  Stay positive
Many get burnt and I am not talking by the sun, but with the busy schedules and some find it busier than ever and counting the days until the summer is over. Aim to stay positive and focused when you can. Plan your time and also, take time.  Morning meditation, gathering with friends, family, or colleagues and just taking a breath helps you keep yourself positive and on track.

Whatever your plans are for this summer season be kind to yourself and do what works best for you!

I’m available for consultations, talks and support for women in business or athletes be it golfers or hockey players on how to remove the obstacles in the way and how mental performance can improve the game of business and sports.

Please contact me corey@coreymccusker.com or call me at 416-508-0018 to discuss how I can help!

Master the Mind, Master the Game 

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