7 Seeds to Plant for Success

7 Seeds to Plant for Success

Freeing yourself from the past and applying mental performance techniques is key to a rich and fulfilling life and performance. Sometimes, instead of moving forward and growing, people get stuck with their beliefs, feelings, and thoughts and the mental weeds choke their growth.

Do you have weeds that choke your performance success?

Here are some of the weeds you may have:

  • Reinforcing negativity with internal thoughts
  • Harboring resentment towards others or situations
  • Jealousy for another
  • Frustration and focus on poor results
  • Fear of failure or success

If any of those plague you – here are my 7 Seeds to Plant for Success!


1. Small is smarter – At times goals can seem overwhelming or impossible to reach. Take a step back and plant some smaller goals that move you towards your big ones. Small goals once achieved can, and often do, turn into big dreams and desires!

2. Imagine success – Think about what you want to achieve. Be specific and set a time to achieve it. Take a moment to imagine yourself succeeding. See it, feel it, and hear it! Replay it in your mind. If you can recall your best past performances imagine them over and over again. Make sure that before each practice or performance you visualize accomplishing what you want. By using your active imagination, you are planting your goals in your unconscious mind which will boost your performance. Where your attention goes energy flows. Focus on what you want!

3. Clear the space for growth – Are you frustrated, thinking of all the things or pieces you have to put together to get the results, and feeling a little overwhelmed and anxious? Take deep belly breathes if your head is spinning and full of thoughts. Place your hands on your stomach and inhale so that your hands move outwards then exhale slowly. A nice, deep breathe is sometimes all it takes to clear your mind so you can be calm and focus.

4. Support your foundation – Mulch is something used to suppress weeds, slow down moisture loss, and improve the foundation for growth. Everyone should use mulch! Consider hiring a coach or talk with mentors or peers to provide tips and techniques to boost and improve your growth and performance.

Protect yourself from getting burned or bitten
– It happens to the best of us – when things are moving along smoothly, something goes wrong. Maybe work gets in your way, the weather doesn’t cooperate, or you get bitten by the bug and feel down and put out. Pause, relax and recharge. Remind yourself of what you want to accomplish and achieve. Use simple concentration words to get you back on track such as “focus” or “I can do it”.

6. Provide nutrients for support – Are you feeling sluggish, deflated, or tense? Fuel yourself for growth. Make sure you are hydrating – yes, I mean drinking water – as it helps your body and brain operate better. Eat healthy meals and exercise to feel fit and energized.

7. Practice, practice, practice – Keep working on your mental game. Mental performance takes time to develop and focusing on your mental performance takes the same effort as your physical and technical abilities. Plant your seeds, then foster growth by gaining support and keep taking action. Continued focus on your goal helps you grow and achieve.

I hope you are ready for the spring season and that you are removing any weeds that are getting in your way to bloom and succeed.

Need some help? I’m available for consultations, talks, and support for leaders in business, young athletes, or athletes on how to remove the obstacles in the way and how mental performance can improve the game of business, life, or sports!

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