Getting out of a slump: tips to get you motivated!

Getting Out Of A Slump: Tips to Get You Motivated!

Do you ever feel you are in a fog?

What do you do when you are in a slump and you feel like it will last forever?

Many are feeling the effects of the isolation and have fallen into a slump.

Some have found ways to make opportunities and find closer connections, while others are struggling not knowing what to do and wanting their norm back.

I’ve heard despair and hopelessness. Self-talk has turned to negativity and worry.

Sometimes it can be in your head, but it still impacts your mental, emotional, physical and technical abilities.

This happens from time to time, usually after a big event in your life, sports or career. Slumps that felt like they were going to last forever. Slumps that you think are never going to end. But they do.

Do any of these statements apply to your current state?

  • I’m tired all the time.
  • I don’t enjoy doing things that I used to.
  • I can’t get motivated.
  • I don’t seem to bounce back from setbacks like I used to.
  • I can’t concentrate and focus on tasks.
  • I’m overwhelmed and frustrated and wonder will things get back to some kind of normal.

If you said “yes” to any of these, you may be in a slump. When your performance becomes a problem and you feel helpless, know that you don’t have to remain that way. It’s possible to regain your power and remove the block.

Tips to go from the Pits to the Peak

Recognize, acknowledge and accept it
Problems and obstacles in life always present themselves – some you overcome easily, but others can drag you down. If you feel any of the statements above be aware that you may be in a slump. Acknowledge and accept it. That is the first step. Wallowing in it gets you nowhere. Know that this too shall pass and things can and do get better.

Release and let it go
Get out of the perpetual victim mode – as it’s an easy, but painful, place to live. If you want to get out of your slump you must be willing to release it and let it go. Avoid looking for sympathy and change focus from problems to solutions.

Get on a positive mental regime
Yes, exercise and healthy eating will make you feel better, but look at what you are mentally feeding yourself. Avoid watching the news and negative people, as they can all just fuel your slump. Read, watch and listen to things that are going to boost and guide you.

Surround yourself with advocates
Take a moment and look at whom you are connecting with the most. Who do you call and who is in your bubble? What are their attitudes like? If they are negative and support you being in a slump, it may be time to make some changes. Seek out people who are positive and are going to lift you up. Those that are advocates for your success and well-being.

Set a goal
If overwhelm has set in make a simple easy goal to focus on. If you have too much on your mind then take a blank piece of paper and write it all down, then prioritize and tackle one thing at a time. You can get to the other things after you accomplish that one thing first.

Find inspiration
Take the time to find things that can inspire you. Read a book, a blog, watch Youtube or google – something you are interested in. Things that inspire people can be very individual – so think of a time you were inspired – how did that happen? What was it?

Take action
It’s time to take action. Decide on one step that you can take to pull yourself out of the slump. Start small – really small. Right now is just about doing something that will make you feel better. Start right now. Patience is important too, but some assume patience is doing nothing, remaining idle, sitting on your hands and waiting. That’s wrong during a slump, if you want to get out of it then take some form of action.

There is more, and one of the things is to become mentally tough.

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