7 Tips for Achievement in Uncertain Times

7 Tips for Achievement in Uncertain Times

The New Year brings resolutions, intentions, or goals. Did they happen for you?
For those optimists and over-achievers did you set some BIG Goals?
To those uncertain individuals, or those stuck – did you avoid goal setting due to the current situation?
For myself, I always set goals and stay laser-focused on the process and performance needed to achieve them.

Today I share with you my tips for achievement in uncertain times:


1. Assess Your Current Situation
How is your life? Are you satisfied in all areas? When uncertainty presents itself it can shake things up. Take stock of where you are and assess the areas in your life by ranking your CIRCLE OF LIFE. Pick an area or two that you want to focus on in the coming year. Give some thought to what would make you satisfied, or what is missing. For example, maybe with your career, you’d like to make a certain amount of money or get a promotion. Write all the things down that are important to you, then rank them in order of importance. Identify the gaps you want to close.

2. Set Goals
Once you know your focus areas it’s time to set some goals around them. Without goal setting how do you know what you want to achieve? When you set goals, you can then review the process and actions needed to get your outcome. Goals can be big or small and have different timelines attached to them. Once you set a goal ask yourself, “What’s at stake if I don’t achieve it?”. If the answer is nothing – then maybe the goal isn’t big or motivating enough for you to achieve. Setting goals in times of uncertainty helps to provide focus to keep you on track.

There are three types of goals – outcome, performance, and process goals.

Outcome goals are the result you want to get. They are based on winning and achieving what you want. For an athlete, it could be getting a Gold Medal, MVP, or winning a tournament. For a Business Professional it could be earning a certain income or getting a promotion or bonus. Outcome goals can be very motivational, however, they are very difficult to control because of other outside influences.

Performance goals are based on a personal standard you want to achieve. These are the performance standards you set for yourself to achieve if you are going to build towards your outcome goal. Performance goals build upon one another to help you achieve your outcome. For example, aiming to practice and perform a certain skill or technique to get the desired outcome. This type of goal involves action and commitment. For an athlete, it could be run 5K in 22 minutes. For a business professional, it could be to convert website visitors to newsletter subscribers at a rate of 3% or to call 100 potential clients per month. Performance goals are mostly controllable.

Process goals are specific actions, strategies, or ‘processes’ needed for a certain performance to get the outcome. Process goals are the small things you focus on or do to eventually achieve your performance goals. For example, working out every day or developing a prospect list of 100 clients. Process goals are 100% controllable by the individual.

Process Performance Outcome
Process, performance, and outcome goals have a linear relationship. This is important because if you achieve your process goals, you give yourself a good chance to achieve your performance goals. Similarly, when you achieve your performance goals, you have a better chance of achieving your outcome goal. Ensure your goals are S.M.A.R.T.(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely).

3. Design your Plan
When you have a clear vision and know your goals, then it’s time to make your plan. Your plan can consist of actions and steps you need to take – or it could involve bringing in other resources, or developing certain skills. Take time to make your plan and think things through. Gather the information and resources you need. Map out your plan and the details that provide you with a guideline and reference to review. Be flexible with your plan as things may need to be changed.

4. Develop Mental Rehearsals
When you have your vision and plan, take time to imagine all the pieces coming together and happening as they should. Mental rehearsals are common in sports and are considered to be one of the fundamental mental skills for sports performers. It is used for learning new skills, practicing existing skills, preparing for a performance, and enhancing motivation. You can do them with your eyes opened or closed. Imagine you executing with excellence and having the skills and ability to deliver the performance you want. Repeat the mental rehearsal over and over in your mind. This helps your mind and body know what is expected so when performance time comes you deliver your desired result.

5. Ask For Help If You Need It.
You can’t do it all. Sometimes you need to ask for help when things change. If you are feeling the stress is too much or that you need a helping hand, then reach out to a friend, family member, colleague, or professional to assist. You may just need someone to vent to or guide you it can get things off your mind – but remember to keep venting to a minimum and focus on positive action. Surround yourself with those people that lift you up versus drag you down.

6. Stay focused and Assess Progress
One way to stay focused is to have a visual reminder of your goal. You can create a vision board or visual in your office or on your computer of your goal. Use a dry erase board, or place visual reminders where you can see. This helps you stay focused. Also, assess your progress along the way. Be flexible with the plan. Make any necessary changes as needed to obtain your goal.

7. Take Action
Each day take one action step towards achieving your goal or desire. A plan without action is just a dream. The action can be big or small as long as it moves you towards your goal.

When you set your goals and begin your journey make sure you are open to new ideas, help, and reflecting so you can self-discover along the way and grow.

Bringing goals to fruition brings energy and growth to your life. Achieving goals can be very rewarding and having the skills in place to do so is one of the keys to success. When times are uncertain look for the positive as it will brighten your path along the way.

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