Here are 7 Lessons Learned from Olympians!

Want to learn from the Olympians? Do you know what makes them Masters of Performance and the ability to achieve Greatness?  Here are 7 Lessons they can teach you!

  1. Have undeniable faith and dedication
    The hours of training, the belief in self, the commitment to physical and mental abilities helps achieve peak performance. Believing that they will win each and every time they perform. Keeping a positive environment and having the belief to achieve helps stay true to the goal.
  2. Be obsessed and committed to goals
    Outcome goals, performance goals and process goals are only 3 types of goals to set. Olympians have a goal for everything, what they eat, how they train, the hours they train, sleep required, whom they surround themselves with and the results they get. When you want to become the best stay focused on what you want. Keep that clear in your mind.
  3. Be coachable
    Be open to coaching. Olympians want input, feedback, how to challenge themselves, what is needed to improve and be at the top of their game. When given a task they follow through with it. They take responsibility for their actions and results. Many times the difference between two champions is that slight edge in thinking, strategy and technique. Coaching can provide this advantage all winners look for. Find a mentor or coach to help guide you to your greatest potential.
  4. Turn disappointment into motivation
    To be on the podium it takes outstanding results. Sometimes things go wrong and defeat occurs. They always know that setbacks are inevitable whether that be an injury or a poor performance.  When things don’t go their way they reflect, reset and get back at it even harder than before.
  5. Have a sense of urgency
    When they want great results and peak performance there is a get things done NOW attitude versus wait until later.   There is a sense of urgency to learn, train, grow and get in the game.  Procrastination is absent and there is a drive to move forward, faster.  With a deadline to meet focus is applied. This is what is necessary DAILY to achieve greatness.
  6. Imagine all the various scenarios and prepare
    Great athletes imagine all the different scenarios and “what if’s” to develop performance plans and learn how to deal with them.  Thinking about what could happen from pre-performance to during allows removal of uncertainty and the ability to deal with distractions.
  7. Focus intently on execution of performance
    When the time comes to perform they have a focus like a guided missile, knowing their target. If need be they adjust and correct to maintain the level of performance for desired results.  Distractions are dealt with and repeat mistakes are avoided.

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