7 Qualities of Successful Women & Leaders

In honour of International Women’s Day this week I pay tribute to women who impacted my life, plus share what I’ve learned from them and the necessary traits required to succeed and lead.

I have so many, too many to list, as I have always been blessed to be surrounded with powerful women who inspired and made me grow personally and professionally. I am grateful as they have paved the way for me to become the person I am today and guided me to do what I do best.

I was raised by a single mother who was a trailblazer in the workforce but also in life. Fear was not part of her vocabulary or world. As one of my main role models, I’ve learned from my mother the key qualities necessary to succeed in life. I share with you this week as many will celebrate women in the world.

Last week I heard from 3 empowering women, Daniella DimitrovTracey Erin Smith and Angie Draskovic at the International Women’s Day event held by CAWEE. When asked what was the biggest challenge that got in their way on their journey to succeed, they unanimously said “ME” as fear or doubt would pop up in their minds. This is the case for many and turning that fear into belief and “I can” attitude takes discipline and perseverance which they did.

7 Qualities of Women Who Succeed and Lead

  1. Overcome challenges
    Life delivers challenges and things always don’t go as planned. Women that succeed persevere and push through the challenges overcoming obstacles in their way. They see each obstacle as an opportunity and look for the solution.
  2. A nurturing spirit
    Women bear the children, and it’s engrained in them to care for them. Some consider it as “soft”, not me, I see it as being disciplined, fair or just. Along with this trait comes intuition, which is one of their strongest traits, that helps them lead not only themselves but others.
  3. Emotional stability and confidence
    Having the ability to keep your emotions in check and believe in yourself allows you to focus on the outcome and goal. Women leaders can remain calm when faced with pressure or stress. They have a belief in themselves and their actions.
  4. Educated
    Women leaders seek knowledge and gain experience and wisdom not only from schooling, but also from life experiences. Many women seek out mentors and coaches to help move them forward faster. Their coaches help make connections they would not normally be able to make, and provides a structured approach to not only helping them learn, but holds them accountable along the way.
  5. Give back
    Being generous and helping others is common for those women who lead as they want to help others benefit, be it certain causes or in their community. Often times you’ll find a woman at the lead for charities or community events, as they have the desire and drive to make things happen.
  6. Take purposeful action
    Successful leaders know how to tap into their own minds and express their creativity. They know what to do and how to do it. They first visualize their outcome and then strategize on purposeful action to get there.
  7. Have a vision
    A good leader sees the bigger picture and has a vision of the outcome. They are usually an expert in their field and understand their role and the roles of others involved. Women who lead can see the path ahead and inspire others to help turn the dream into a reality.

Who are the women in your life that made an impact?

Honour them this week and be grateful that they crossed your path and shared their wisdom!

Master the Mind, Master the Game


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