5 Tips to Keep Afloat with Summer Slow Down!

July is just a few days away and I’m excited about the summer. How about you? Some like to slow down during this time and that’s great but for those that want to stay afloat and ahead of your game what do you do? I’ll share my 5 Tips to Keep Afloat to help you out.

1.  Get out of your comfort and learn new strokes
When you challenge yourself and do new things you learn and grow. Expand your mind and grow your wisdom. Take this slow time to do something fun or something new like diving into social media. Capture your summer moments on video to post and share your summer fun.

2.  Get your head out of the sand and build a castle
Sometimes you avoid taking on tasks or dealing with certain projects or people. Get unstuck and tackle the roadblocks in your way and start building what you want.  Be it a new healthy habit, new skills with your sports performance or refresh your home or office.

3.  “Summer-ize” your business or marketing plans
This is a good time to review, reflect and revise your plans. What’s working and what’s not?  Make some changes and an action plan to implement.

4.  Take a vacation
If you are just feeling burnt out and need to recharge take a vacation whether it’s a day trip or a planned time away. Do something you enjoy with those you want to be with and have fun!

5. Attend “Summer School”
Many kids go to summer school to get ahead so, what about you? This is a good time to take a course, get involved OR  join my Master the Mind, Master the Game Community and learn some mental performance techniques to get ahead and recharge yourself.

If you want to stay afloat Master the Mind, Master the Game Community can help! Mental performance is one of the pillars of success and I can help you fine tune your skills or develop them.  I share techniques and resources on how to remove the obstacles in your way and how mental performance can improve the game of business, life, and sports be it for yours or your young athlete.

Looking for additional support or have questions please contact me at corey@coreymccusker.com or call me at 416-508-0018 to discuss how I can help!

Master the Mind, Master the Game 

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