Nailed it!

Have you ever had a performance that you nailed?

Did you ever wonder how you could lock that in and repeat it again and again?

Have you ever been able to just focus while chaos is going on around you?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these you may have a skill that others would love to learn to develop.  Continue reading

5 Steps to Make a Comeback

When things seem to be going downhill be it in your career, your life or sports are you able to turn it around?

Can you stop the spiral downwards and get back on track?

I’m unsure about you, but I’ve had times when my business felt like it was in a slump or during hockey season when I just couldn’t make the plays or score the goals. It happens and you say to yourself “Can I make a comeback?” Continue reading

Do You Need a Reality Check?

Lately I’ve been going after certain goals and desires and realized I needed a reality check.  I’m a goal achiever and when I set my mind to something I achieve it 99% of the time. There were certain goals and plans I had for the remaining part of this year that I hadn’t focused or accomplished until now. I went to travel the path this month to obtain them and I hit roadblocks.

Automatically I felt defeated, let down as they were pretty big goals. So I decided to take a step back and revisit what I wanted.  I looked inside myself to determine why I believed certain things were necessary and why certain things seemed unattainable.  I had some “ah-ha” moments and this has actually put me on a better path with greater connections and new opportunities.
Continue reading