Superbowl & 5 Steps to Make a Comeback!

When things seem to be going downhill be it in your career, your life or sports are you able to turn it around? 

Can you stop the spiral downwards and get back on track?

I’m unsure about you, but I’ve had times when my business felt like it was in a slump or during hockey season when I just couldn’t make the plays or score the goals.  It happens and you say to yourself “Can I make a comeback?”

On Sunday, I watched the New England Patriots make a comeback as they beat the Los Angelos Rams 13-3. The year before the Patriots were beaten by  Philadelphia Eagles with 1 quarter left and wondered how Tom Brady felt. Determined, driven to change the outcome this year? Yes! Did he dwell on last years defeat? No, as he is a leader with accurate passing, heart and grit – and that delivered him his 6th Super Bowl ring. What does he credit it to? The team and mental toughness, which included laser focus, a skill I teach. He gained back control, and with the help of his team mates, Tom Brady made a comeback – winning Super Bowl 2019.

Sometimes it comes down to the crunch and you are unsure if you can turn things around. So what do you do if you want to make a  comeback?

5 Steps to Make a Comeback

Here are 5 Steps  I follow to get back on track:

  1. Stop the chaos
    When things go awry it’s easy for your thoughts to turn negative. Those around you may lose control and maybe you do too.  STOP! Eliminate the negative thoughts, breathe and gain back control. Make statements like “I can do it” or “Focus” to clear the mental chatter in your mind.
  2. Forget the past and prepare to move  on
    Staying stuck in the past and looking at what didn’t happen or things that went wrong keeps you stuck.  Imagine a whiteboard with all the things that went wrong written all over it. In your mind take an eraser and wipe it all away. Time to start fresh, a clean slate. Then, prepare to move on one step or play at a time.
  3. Focus on the present and the possibilities
    Now that you’ve let go of the past don’t jump ahead and think of the outcome. That can distract you or put you right back to thoughts that are unsupportive. It’s time to focus on the moment and know that there are possibilities that can come your way or happen right now.
  4. Draw from your experience
    You’ve had success in the past and you have learned many things along the way. So, draw from that and if you have a team, utilize their expertise.  Take time to assess the situation and what is needed to get the job done. Sometimes time is not on your side and that is why practice or preparation can help you when these times arise.
  5. Commit and take action
    Now it’s time to commit, get busy and take the necessary steps to get you to your outcome. Tackle one task at a time to move you forward.  Apply the knowledge, wisdom and expertise that can produce the results. Build a support team if necessary to encourage you along the way.
Need some help to make that comeback? Contact Corey for a complimentary mental mastery session to get your head back in the game of business, sports or life.


Master the Mind, Master the Game 

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