Something interesting happened at the zoo yesterday!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day at the Toronto Zoo.

My life amazes me as I can manifest things with ease when I need them and that is what seem to happen with this course. I set a goal to improve my photography skills especial taking live animal shots. The reason for this goal is I’m leaving for Kenya Wildlife Safari November 3rd. I have the honour to be a tour lead for Womens Travel Network.

Once the goal was set the next thing was to take action and I searched the internet. Lucky for me this course at the Toronto Zoo popped up.

It was great to learn new skills and observe these animals in action. Their ability to communicate with ease in a language known only to them.  The Zoo animals are provided for, but the ones I’ll see on the trip will have an innate ability to survive in the wilderness. Their survival skills can overcome mother nature or the wild beasts they battle and that is a gift they are given.

At times you may feel like you are trying to survive and manage your world and it may feel like a battle. Having mental mastery skills and techniques can help you deliver the peak performance you desire.

Are you READY to manage turbulent times and succeed?

Do you set a goal and then wait for it to happen?

Do you wonder how some people can make success happen so easily?

Do you have some goals and desires you want to achieve?

Having a goal or a dream is easy, but making it come to life may be a challenge for some. I have learned from experience that there are certain steps you must follow to make it happen.

As a mental performance coach, I’ve helped many learn how to mindfully access their inner wisdom and put actions into place to achieve their goals and desires. Having mental performance skills is a powerful tool to help overcome fear and roadblocks that then allows us to tap into our inner self and strength. However, knowing how to obtain those skills and follow a path can sometimes be a challenge.

When you let go of the things holding you back such as fear you are able to create the vision and plan to get you started for success.

  1. Create your vision
    As a child I loved to daydream about my future. I had big goals and desires and still do. Now as much as I love to day dream I’m clear on what is realistic and what is just fantasy. When you create a vision be realistic about your goal and desires. Know what drives you to achieve them.  Understand what it specifically is and what’s involved in achieving the goal, and ask yourself “Do you have what it takes?” If the answer is “yes”, great, and if not, figure out what you need to do to make it happen. Ask yourself “What is at stake if you don’t achieve your goal or desire?” If the answer is “nothing” maybe, it’s not a big enough goal and you’ll give up on it easily. Get clear in your mind what it is you want and why.
  2. Design your Plan
    When you have your clear vision and know your goals then it’s time to make the plan. The plan can consist of actions and steps you need to take or it could involve bringing in other resources or developing certain skills. Take time to make the plan and think things through. Gather the information and resources you need. Map out the plan and the details that provide you with a guideline and reference to review. Also, remember to be flexible with the plan as things may need to be changed.
  3. Start with Morning Rituals
    A ritual is a series of actions performed accordingly to a prescribed order. Have you heard the saying ‘start your day on the right foot’?  Create a ritual that clears your mind, provides clarity and ignites you to embrace each day with focus. Your morning ritual can be whatever works for you. Some ideas are meditation, exercise, journaling or whatever clears your mind. Successful people develop routines or what I call rituals because they want to reduce friction in their lives so they can focus on what they do best and gets them results.
  4. Plant your goals
    When you know your goal take a moment to plant it in your mind. How you do this is, write down your specific goal or desire. Think about what happens when you achieve it and how do you know you have. What will you gain, feel, and see when it’s achieved. Then take a moment and close your eyes and take yourself to that moment of success. By doing this you plant it in your inner mind and it strengthens your desire to accomplish it.
  5. Develop Mental Rehearsals
    When you have your vision and plan take time to imagine all the pieces coming together and happening as they should.  Mental rehearsals are common in sports and considered to be one of the fundamental mental skills for sports performers. It is used for learning new skills, practicing existing skills, preparing for performance and enhancing motivation. You can do them with your eyes opened or closed. Imagine you executing with excellence and having the skills and ability to deliver the performance you want. Repeat the mental rehearsal over and over in your mind. This helps your mind and body know what is expected so when performance time comes you deliver your desired result.
  6. Take Action
    Each day take one action step towards achieving your goal or desire. A plan without action is just a dream. The action can be big or small as long as it moves you towards your goal.
  7. Stay focused and Assess Progress
    One way to stay focused is to have a visual reminder of your goal. You can create a vision board or visual in your office or on your computer of your goal. You can have a dry erase board or place visual reminders where you can see. This helps you stay focused. Also, assess your progress along the way. Be flexible with the plan. Make any necessary changes as needed to obtain your goal.

When you set a goal, and begin your journey make sure you are open to new ideas, help and reflecting so you can self-discover along the way and grow. Bringing goals to fruition brings energy and growth to your life.

Now it’s time to take the first step!


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