How do I reach this BIG goal?

Do you have BIG goals? How about your life dreams? Are you on track to achieve them?   No, why not?

Today, I want to clarify some things about goals and dreams and then, share 7 traits necessary to get the BIG results. I’m grateful that I know how to put the plans in place and take the action necessary to achieve my BIG goals. I’m happy to say I’m ahead of what I expected to achieve in the 1st quarter.  How about you? Fallen behind like so many?

OK, let’s talk about goals and dreams. Are they the same thing?  It all depends what your perception is. I’m a dreamer and love to use my imagination to envision my future. Guess what? When you imagine realize that numerous areas in the brain are activated. The brain thinks it’s a reality when you imagine. Imagining successful outcomes can help encourage action and results.  So take note that dreaming helps but let’s get down to what makes results happen.

Goals involve intention

Unlike dreams, goals are something you want to achieve. That implies several things. The most important is, there is an intention to accomplish them. Calling them goals means you have an end in mind and having an intention strengthens your commitment to them. As a result, you become “goal-oriented.” Goal orientation is the degree in which you focus on the tasks and the end result of those tasks.

So whether it’s a career goal, life goal or sports performance goal, the outcome has to have meaning to you and inspire you to do what it takes to accomplish to complete it.

What else do you need to accomplish your BIG goals?

Be organized, focused and clear on what you want to achieve. It could be a specific position, sales results, income, golf score or winning that championship.

It doesn’t stop there!

There are several other necessary elements to setting and achieving goals.
Here’s are 7 key traits that high achievers have:

  1. Determination
    This is especially important with respect to big goals as they may require considerable time and energy.
  2. Competitive Edge 
    If you want to super-achieve find a way to be unique and driven. Have the edge and differentiate yourself, your service, your game and position yourself for success.
  3. Adaptability
    Sometimes the path may be bumpy and may require a change to get the results. Stay focused on the goal but be ready to change and adapt.
  4. Risk Taker
    Be fearless, be bold, and be ready to go for what you want. Develop the confidence to take those risks necessary.
  5. Resilience
    Sometimes you’ll feel stretched, burnt-out, pressured. Stay strong and bounce back. Every important goal will present you with challenges along the way.
  6. Commitment
    If making a total commitment to success shrink those challenges down THEN commit!
  7. Accountability
    I always say ‘share’ your goals as once you do you become more accountable as they are known to others and you want to succeed. Hire a coach if necessary as they’ll hold you accountable.
You’ll be amazed what you will accomplish when you set a goal and focus. Having difficulty? Need some help and want a Spring Tune Up? Contact Corey today to get yourself on track and boost your performance and results.

Master your Mind, Master your Game,


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