Develop the 7 Traits of Top Performers

Do you need to develop the traits of Top Performers so you can reach your ambitious goals this year?  Let me share some of them with you.

Here are 7 Traits of Top Performers

1. They have passion, a vision and a mission
Top performers are passionate about what they do and want in life. They have the ability to create a vision for success.  Passion is what makes them tick, inspires them and is the driving force that makes them get up in the morning. The vision is what they want, their dreams and ideas. The mission is how they get there and the actions to take to achieve it all.

2. Control emotions
Top Performers have the ability to stay focused and keep their emotions in check and remain in control even through turbulent times.

3. Constantly evolving
Top Performers are constantly evaluating how things are done and how they can accomplish goals. They are open to develop new skills, abilities and knowledge.  When they discover things aren’t working they are willing to change it up and try new ways. The evolve as they need to as times can always be changing.

4. Patience
Top Performers are patient and willing to take the time necessary to get results. When obstacles occur they think things through, review their plan and set a course of action to continue on their way.  They avoid rushing and reacting.

5. Always learning
Top Performers love to learn and educate themselves.  They seek information and are open to new ideas.  Their minds are active and ready to absorb. Most high achievers have a huge library of books; magazines, e-books, and audios to keep filling their mind with knowledge and ideas. They are active listeners and good at asking questions to learn and grow.

6. Pursue happiness
Top Performers want happiness for themselves, their families and their teams.  As mentioned, they are passionate about what they do and stay true to themselves.  Their passion for what they do brings a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

7. Deeply committed
When the going gets tough Top Performers keep going. They are committed to their success in all areas of their life.  They stay laser-focused on what they want to achieve, what they need to do to get there and the actions necessary to excel. Obstacles may arise and they use their wisdom and skills to overcome them to stay on their path of achievement.

Master the Mind, Master the Game of Life.


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