8-week Mindful Meditation Program @ Stouffville Natural Health Clinic
Oct 10 @ 7:30 pm – Nov 28 @ 9:00 pm

8 Week Mindful Meditation Program

This program is for individuals experiencing stress or overwhelms in their day to
day life. The 8-week program helps develop the capacity for greater calmness and
teaches proven techniques and skills to manage, reduce or remove stress.
Research has demonstrated improved outcomes that include better sleep, lower
blood pressure and fewer worries.

Participants Will Learn:

  • The brain’s impact on how we think, feel, act, learn and change
  • To change unwanted habits
  • To strengthen interpersonal relations
  • To improve focus and memory
  • To reduce stress and introduce effective relaxation techniques into your daily routine

You’ll experience techniques that will enable you to be present and focused. Each session ends with a group meditation that leaves you relaxed and recharged.

To Register call 905-642-8555 or email