5 Strategies to Stay Pumped and Focused during Pandemic

Living in a pandemic right now is something that is a little scary and has definitely changed people’s focus. When things will return to what was familiar and normal is an unknown.

People’s lives have been altered, businesses have shut down, social calendars are empty, and playing sports halted. Roles have also changed, parents have become teachers to help their children learn online, commuters roll out of bed into their home office, and smiling faces are covered by masks. Activities like travel and socializing, which brought people joy and happiness, have been taken away. With the limitations and the distractions, stress levels have increased and the future impact of this is unimaginable.

What happens to goals at this time? Have you set big goals? Do they seem unachievable now? A mindset shift, plan of action, and new timelines can keep them alive. Like many, my clients and I have altered the way we do things. Business models have changed, plans revised, and support teams expanded to help with inspiration and execution.

During the pandemic, focus can be a challenge. Being pushed to get out of your comfort zone is part of how to execute and move forward. ‘When there is a will there is a way’ as the saying goes.

I’d like to share some strategies on how you can stay pumped to achieve.

5 Strategies to Stay Pumped and Focused during Pandemic

1. Determine your Intrinsic Motivation – Why did you play certain sports or choose a career? What made you read this blog? Intrinsic motivation occurs when you do something without an external reward. You may engage, enjoy an activity, or see something as an opportunity to learn and explore your potential. That can be a motivator. When life changes it’s a good time to reflect and figure out your “why”. If it was to improve, develop, or strengthen skills this can help you stay positive, be mindful, and set goals to support those things.

2. Recognize Opportunities – Sometimes you get stuck in a routine and do things the same way. When roadblocks occur do you hit a wall? Do you explore other ways of doing things? Take advantage of opportunities that may be available to improve growth and results. These new opportunities can ignite a desire to challenge yourself. See alternative ways and welcome challenges to expand the mind and spark motivation.

3. Develop Mental Toughness – Individuals that are positive, energized, and remain calm are demonstrating attributes of being mentally tough. When difficult situations arise those who are mentally tough can maintain the right attitude regarding problems and stress. Practice mindfulness, deep breathing, and be solution-focused to keep your mental state calm. Exercise can also help to minimize stress and support health during difficult times.

4. Set Goals – Goals set may get squashed during difficult times. During times of change reflect on the goals you have set and see what can be adjusted. Some may need to be set aside temporarily i.e., travel due to limitations and safety. When goals are important keep them top of mind by writing them down or having a vision board, doing this can also help you to realize they can still be achieved, but with a different timeline. Park those that are stalled and restart your goal-setting process and determine what can be focused on now. Set new goals with specific processes and performance measures that are needed to achieve them. Have flexibility with timelines to keep your goals alive.

5. Be Grateful – When we focus on worry we can spiral downwards and it can zap your energy. When we are grateful it takes our mind off of our problems and shifts our focus to those things we appreciate. It can be family, friends, home, support, or a flower blooming – find that one thing or things that you are grateful for. Start each day focusing your gratitude toward 5 things, whether they are big or small.

When times get challenging it’s time to challenge current ways. You’ll be amazed at what can arise and what opportunities may present themselves.

Master the Mind, Master the Game

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