5 Steps to Recover from Devastation

“What does one do? How do you recover when life crushes you and you feel devastation?” Events can occur in life that you may not have seen coming and it can make you question, “Why did this happen?” Life can deliver many hardships be it heartbreak, injury, illness and death. It takes time and you need to give yourself space before you can recover and regroup. There is a time for advice and answers but that may not be something that is to be given or known right away.

Here are 5 Steps I advise when a major setback, devastation or disaster hits your path.

#1 Respect and Honour Your Pain
When devastation occurs it hurts, you feel it and some try to avoid it or push it aside. That only makes it heavier and prolongs the suffering. Respect it and know it’s going to take time to recover. Give yourself permission to feel the pain and grieve.

#2 Gain Support
Dealing with the devastation is difficult and going through it alone makes it even harder. Reach out to gain support be it family, friends or a group or person who can bring you peace of mind. Isolating yourself is unhealthy.

#3Busy Your Mind
The pain can take over and it’s important to busy your mind to gain some relief. Do something that takes your mind off your thoughts such as hiking, reading, dancing, talking about other things even it it’s just for a few moments.

#4 Reflect and Learn
Suffering can bring on blame and resentment. Take time to reflect and learn lessons that can help you. This may take time but learning from devastation can make you stronger, resilient and wiser.

#5Take Steps to Move Forward
Some wallow in their devastation and it then defines them and stops them from living their lives. You have to decide – do you stop living your life or make a step to move forward and get back into living? It’s not easy and I advise baby steps at first.

Starting again after devastation is not always easy. Life delivers a lot of unknowns and challenges along the way.  Give yourself time to grieve, time to regroup and then reach out to those that want to help you and then take some form of action to move on with your life.

Master your Mind, Master your Game,


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