3 Ways to Shine Light During Challenging Times

When life gets challenging the last thing you want to do is celebrate and be festive.
So what if you don’t feel like celebrating the holidays? 
Holidays can be like a light and plug socket.​​​​​​​
When the connection is right, the energy flows and the light shines bright. If there is an overload you may blow a fuse or fizzle out. Other times you may want to disconnect and switch off. ​​​​​​
How do you flick back the switch and light up?

Here’s 3 ways to light up during those challenging times:
  1.  Do something big or small that brings a smile to someone else.
    When you are feeling down or challenged it’s not easy to smile, so what I suggest is focus on others and do one small thing that can brighten their day. It in turn reflects on you and takes your focus from you to them. This year I felt myself feeling a void, feeling a stuck needing a boost, so I took time to think about how to resolve it. I decided I needed to be more involved and made a commitment to do just that where I could be with like minded people and give time plus energy to help others. I became a Director of Communications for CAWEE and also a Mentor for Company of Women. Both of these volunteer roles and my reward is the satisfaction of helping others. Not all have the time for volunteering, nor feel that is their answer. Make a choice as simple as opening a door for someone, treating a stranger to coffee/tea, donating to a charity or whatever you know can bring a smile to someone else.
  2. Connect with someone who lifts you up.
    Is there someone in your life that can always pick you up, say the right words and give you a few moments? Connecting and reconnecting today is easy i.e. a text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a phone call, an email, a visit or maybe the old fashion way with a letter or a card. When in need, make the effort to reach out and connect with those that brighten your day. Avoid those that feed fuel to the fire, or want to tell you how their life is worse. Create those connections and recharge them when you need to, or maybe when they need a boost.
  3. Change of scenery.
    Sometimes you get stuck in a cycle, feeling down, same old same old each day. This is when I suggest it’s time for a change of scenery.  That may mean step outside and go for a walk, go to the local coffee shop or it could mean take a trip if you really need a big change. I just did that when I went to Africa and can say I’m energized and refreshed.  If you are looking at the same four walls and feeling bleak every day step out, move about and look around at new things and a different environment. I have a home office which I can feel trapped in at times, so I take walks to re-energize myself if need be. Sometimes changing your scenery even if it’s just for a few moments can brighten your outlook.
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