3 Steps to Stay Focused When Struggles Occur

Events may cause you to feel joy, happiness, love and laughter. It can also deliver you things that can make you feel frustrated, angry, sad, mad or fear. You can easily get distracted and thrown off track.

How do you get back on track?

How do you stay focused and achieve your goals?

You are on a life-changing journey and the actions you take determine the outcome you receive. The one thing that is constant in life is change so learn to deal with it. Successful people have all experienced challenges and obstacles and they learn to overcome them and stay focused. Most people work towards achievement and being fulfilled. They utilize the resources they have to achieve their outcome. Excuses and reasons prevent people from getting what they want.

Here are 3 steps to stay on track and achieve your goals:

  1. Avoid being comfortable with failure or struggles

    When you get distracted what are your thoughts? Are you thinking you should give up or move forward? Avoid thinking about failure and struggles you or others have. When something happens figure out what needs to be done and what are the solutions to overcome it. Many focus on the problem and come up with excuses of why they can’t. Think about what you can. Make sure what you think is the failure or struggle is within your control. If you take on others that can weigh you down. If you can contribute to the solution and help please do so. If it’s not yours struggle to solve then redirect your attention to where it should be, on your goals and desires.
  2. Control emotions and behaviors

    Negative emotions and behaviors keep you off the path of success. Learn to control your emotions and ensure that your self-talk is focused on solutions and actions that support you. Negative emotions and behaviors blocks people’s ability. If you find you have fallen into a cycle of negative it’s time to snap out of it. I teach “thought stoppage” which helps you stop the negative chatter and refocus your thoughts on more productive thinking. Once way to do this is wear an elastic band or bracelet on your wrist that you can snap. When the negative thoughts enter your mind, snap your elastic and say a “focus and concentration” word or statement. Those words could be as simple as “stop”, “focus” or “move on”. The snap sends a single to the brain and the word helps you refocus.
  3. Stay focused

    Ask yourself “what am I going to focus on, solutions or problems?” Focus on thoughts and actions that move you towards your destiny. Focus on things that bring you joy and gratitude when struggles occur. In every day, you can find one thing that is good and when struggles occur you have to search for those. Avoid the thoughts that make you feel you are being punished or allow yourself to get caught up in the drama as those become roadblocks. Success oriented people may see things as an opportunity for growth or they immediately look for the solutions. Your focus determines whether it’s the end or the beginning of your journey?

When life distracts you and you get temporarily off track you know that it’s within your power to overcome and get back on track.

Achieving goals is very rewarding and having the skills in place to do so is one of the keys. There is a lot of good in the world if you look for it and when you do it brightens your path along the way.

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