10 Step Process on How to Lead Through Change

The one thing we all know that is guaranteed to happen but some avoid is change.  In life, business or sports change will occur and having the right tools in place to manage through that determines the outcome.  Take a look around and see the changes that are occurring right now, politicians changing roles, bosses and employees changing positions, team mates and coaches moving on and even the seasons are changing. Change is everywhere and happens everyday.  So how do you manage change?   I have a system that I follow that has helped me through times of changes and I’d like to share.

10 Steps to Succeed in Times of Change:

  1. Assess the Situation and Culture
    Do an analysis of the situation. What are the strengths, weaknesses, benefits, and challenges known? Look at things from all angles and perspectives. What is the current culture, how you or others think, behave, perform, work and feel. Create an awareness of how things are currently and figure out the lay of the land, the state of those involved, the mindset of all. Write it down
  2. Build Relationships
    Start at the top with you and build a strong relationship with self, mentally, physically and emotionally so you can be strong. Then look at those around you and build your team and support unit.  Surround yourself with those that lift you up or pick you up if need be. Avoid giving time or focus to those that upset you or let you down.
  3. Review Operations
    Are the systems in place effective or are they broken? What is in place to manage the operations, which could mean staff, team mates, finances, materials, equipment, and technology?  Do the systems in place protect the assets and sometimes “you” are the asset?
  4. Set Goals, Intentions and Create a New Vision
    Set goals and intentions on what you want the outcome to be. When there is no goal or intention it’s impossible to move forward and succeed. Envision the future.
  5. Make a Plan and Build a Strategy
    Develop a plan with steps to be taken to achieve set goals and desired outcome. Strategize with your team. Record what needs to be done for the short term and the long term. Record the plan.
  6. Act Your Way into New Thinking
    Have things gotten stale or current thinking needs to change? It may be time to start acting with a new way of thinking.  Change your perspective by looking at things from all angles and others perception. Old ways of unconscious behaviors may rise up again so stay true to the plan and remain focused. Open up to opportunities. Being closed and fixed minded keeps you stagnant. Take a moment and imagine new behaviors, actions, outcomes that produce great results.
  7. Be Accountable and Take Action
    Once the plan is in place, the goals are set then it’s time to be accountable and take action. Start following through on action items and plans. Be accountable for every step you take. Mistakes may be made and that’s okay. Learn and continue to grow.
  8. Engage, Engage, Engage
    Get out there and talk to others, your team, networks, bosses, coaches and engage in activities. Connect with those that make a difference and support you to achieve your goals. Build yourself, your brand and develop the “know, like, trust” through your activities with others be it online or in person.
  9. Stay Focused and Monitor the Scoreboard
    Distractions will occur, inside your head or outside in your world. Stay focused and have a visual scoreboard that posts the goals and results. When there is a gap your unconscious mind will want to close it and will encourage you to take steps to do so.
  10. Assess and Adapt
    Continue to assess the situation based on results and outcomes and when necessary adapt the plan. Review it monthly to see if you are on track to succeed.

Moving through change can be like weathering a storm.  Know that the storm will pass and the sun will shine again so stay focused.  Change is inevitable and sometimes necessary for growth. Remember to celebrate when you have managed through change as it’s not always easy. Reward yourself for getting through these times as that is an important part of the process.

Looking for some help to manage the change that is occurring in your life, business or sports right now please contact Corey for a complimentary breakthrough session.

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